Operational Due Diligence

A Buttonwood ODD review delves deep into and scrutinizes a sponsor entity, focusing on a review, analysis and evaluation of important topics such as: 

  • Company background, ownership and affiliate structure
  • Management experience, background checks and legal review
  • Entity analysis including legal review
  • Company formation documents for the sponsor and affiliates
  • Company operating and governance documents 
  • Sponsor’s targeted investments and investment methodologies 
  • Succession and business continuity planning
  • Prior performance across syndicated offerings and non-syndicated offerings
  • Target investment and operating markets 
  • Internal controls, accounting policies, cash management and handling, IT security, etc.
  • Insurance coverage and position
  • References and third-party service providers
  • Selling group relationships including managing BD arrangements (if present)
  • Operational planning and capacity (site visits and management interviews)
  • and more…
Community Investment Due Diligence