Bringing people together in a collaborative process to elevate and enhance the alternative investment experience. 

Here at Buttonwood, we take our role as an independent intermediary very seriously and have positioned ourselves as a bridge at the center of the alternative investment process. 

  • New Initiatives: Buttonwood initiatives like APEX are designed to move beyond the norms of the last 20 years by jump starting and enhancing how interested parties consume and interact with vital information 
  • Education: Our ODD, IDD, AIM and SQ reports are crafted to inform and educate, presenting information in the industry’s most user-friendly format. 
  • Community: Buttonwood’s forums, blog posts, newsletters and webinars work to bring industry participants together, fostering discourse and communication - elevating the experience for all.
  • Conference: How do you create one of the industry’s most effective and popular conference formats…structure a budget at breakeven that eliminates profit motivation and create the freedom to do what’s most effective, not what’s most profitable.   
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